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Thursday, July 31

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Project's DNA: A Descriptive Case Study on the Effects of Transforming Agile Single-site to Distributed Software Development (Raoul Vallon)LIMITED Osceola 3 Creating Agile Tribes: Herding CATs for Fun and Customer Delight (Jean Tabaka, Em Campbell-Pretty)LIMITED Sun D Women in Agile: Creating Teams That Embrace Diversity (Diane Zajac-Woodie, Doc Norton)LIMITED Sarasota Sustainable Legacy Code Refactoring: A Systematic and Stepwise Approach (Amr Noaman)LIMITED Osceola 1/2 Building a Culture of Operational Excellence (Arup Chakrabarti)LIMITED Tampa DevOps as Disruptive Innovation (John Esser)LIMITED Osceola 5/6 7 Ways to Sabotage a Culture Change (Bill Wake, Tim Ottinger)LIMITED Miami Increase Your Organization's Effectiveness Through Value-stream Mapping. (Adam Yuret, Jabe Bloom)LIMITED Sanibel Stalking Agile Success in the Wilds of Enterprise Scaling (George Dinwiddie)LIMITED Osceola A People, System, Culture: Where Leadership Thrives (Pawel Brodzinski)LIMITED Osceola B Don't just show, don't just tell, focus on the experience! (Erwin van der Koogh)LIMITED Sun C Learning to Manage Dependencies and Maximize Value in Release Planning (Alan Goerner)LIMITED Naples Economically Sensible Scrum (Ken Rubin)LIMITED Gainesville Disintegration Testing (David Hoppe)LIMITED Tallahassee How Agile UX and guerrilla testing helped change government policy (Kevin Murray, Imran Younis)LIMITED Daytona The Anatomy of an Experience Framework: How to Create Better Products With Your Customers (Martina Schell)LIMITED Osceola 4

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Actionable Metrics at Siemens Health Services (Daniel Vacanti, Bennet Vallet)LIMITED Daytona Integrating Agile and User-Centered Design: A Systematic Mapping and Review of Evaluation and Validation Studies of Agile-UX (Gabriela Jurca)LIMITED Osceola 3 Know when to hold ‘em, Know when to fold ‘em - Design your next contract coaching gig (Steve Holyer, Nancy Van Schooenderwoert)LIMITED Osceola 1/2 Lessons in Gravity: Helping Good Ideas Reach Escape Velocity (David Hussman)LIMITED Osceola B Agile and The Very Large Organization: A Perfect Match (Nayan Hajratwala, Alyssa Riedl)LIMITED Osceola 5/6 Facilitation Patterns & Antipatterns (Doc List)LIMITED Sarasota Code Review: Why it matters (Trevor Lalish-Menagh)LIMITED Osceola 4 The Cable Company does Continuous WHAT? (Joseph Campbell, Walter Eggert)LIMITED Tampa Dancing with Dinosaurs: Lessons for agile change artists in very large organizations (Ken Power, michael bays)LIMITED Sun C Hiring for The Agile Enterprise: The Shocking Truth About Your Blind Spot (Bill J. McCarley, Christopher Avery)LIMITED Osceola A MAXOS - The scalable, continuous agile that Silicon Valley is using to disrupt and destroy (Andy Singleton)LIMITED Tallahassee Scaling Scrum using Object Oriented Architecture (Alexander Brown, Jeff Sutherland)LIMITED Miami Learning to (help others learn to) self-organise (Matthew Heusser)LIMITED Sanibel Secrets of Agile Estimation: Myths, Math, and Methods (Stephen Vance)LIMITED Naples Organizational Dynamics and Agile Success (Esther Derby)LIMITED Gainesville Get in shape and become a more valuable agile tester (Augusto Evangelisti)LIMITED Sun D

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